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$4300 for an $1800 (maybe) value ebike.
Entry level Prowheel crank arms, chain ring.
Logan brakes. (have you heard of Logan ?) Have fun getting parts. $4300 ebike, I'd expect at least Tektro Dorado's, or better yet, Maguras.
Generic, no name front shock. O.M.G.
Single rear cog. No gears. Seriously ? (A 'fixie' fat tire ?)
Some camo paint. Ok, that looks nice.
No control over front or rear motor - they both just rotate.
What is a 500 hub motor doing on a front suspension fork anyway ? What is ANY watt motor doing on a front suspension fork ? Pure Lunacy.
Website claims Selle Royale seat. Its generic.
14.5 ah battery for a 1000 watts of motors. That will 'go far', especially with no gears. Not.
Frame ?. Sorry, no comment.
Ok, Maxxis fat tires. (Though their website says in specs, Kenda Krusaders.)
The math just doesn't add up. (unless you enjoy giving the OEM a 250% mark up or something)

This was brought into my shop for assembly. Sorry, but will not risk servicing it, once it leaves.
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This bike???

It says "out of stock" so obviously people are buying it?
So easily duped. Sheesh. Thats the problem with buying on line. You cant see what you are getting. they distract people with the seductive 'camo' finish.