Ran my Allant 9.9s through some test rides - trying to determine how battery usage compares to speed and levels of assist


Had some fun the past few days. Between 5 different days - trying to have days that had similar weather conditions - I took my Allant 9.9s for 5 separate rides.

The route I chose is 25 miles with 236 ft of "climbing" (I live in the midwest). Here are the results if you're interested! It's been fun running the bike through these tests - I've been curious since buying the bike. I tried to maintain the same level of effort between each ride. Kind of a 'level 2' effort out of say a 5. So just enough to sweat but still able to enjoy the ride. An "endurance" effort I guess (I use a heart rate monitor which helps determine effort - also been riding since racing triathlons in 2008-2011 and bike racing from 2011 to 2015 so I'm used to what a steady effort feels like).

May 6: No pedal assist - 43 degrees f - 7 mph nw wind
1 hour 22 minutes 42 seconds

May 7: Level 1 pedal assist - 45 degrees f - 7 mph wsw wind
1 hour 8 minutes 2 seconds
Starting charge level 80% finished with 40% left

May 11: Level 2 pedal assist - 44 degrees f - 7 mph w wind
59 minutes 35 seconds
Starting charge level 80% finished with 4% left

May 12: Level 3 pedal assist - 40 degrees f - 7 mph s wind
57 minutes 14 seconds
Starting charge level 100% finished with 24% left

May 13: Level 4 pedal assist - 49 degrees f - 8 mph ese wind
55 minutes 36 seconds
Starting charge level 100% finished with 26% left

So there you have it. I think I should have started at 100% charge for the level 1 and 2 assist rides but I think it's still interesting numbers. It's interesting that my level 3 vs level 4 ride resulted in more charge left for the higher assist level - not sure what's up with that. Maybe the 9 degrees difference in temp is enough to help with battery efficiency? It's interesting that levels 2, 3, and 4 rides all used roughly the same percentage of charge ~74-76% used.

I'm really liking the bike though. Very fun to ride! I think my next tests like this would be to see just how long I can go on each effort - maybe keep the ride around 20mph. :) I think I could get quite far actually! Still not as far as I could go on an analog bike - but it's still a fun bike to ride.


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Thanks for the great information.

I have the Allant +9.9s as well. It is tough to put out a consistent level of rider power over several rides. The best measure of that I find, is rider power/wattage. I replaced my Smartphone hub with the Bosch Nyon which has a custom ride screen where you can choose what info you want. If the Smartphone hub allows you to see your rider wattage output in real time as well as averages you might try this again sometime with those metrics.

Fields on my custom ride screen below starting top to bottom, left to right:

Assist Level - Heart Rate - Speed - Rider Watts
Cadence - Distance Covered - Average & Peak Watts
Elevation Gain/Loss - Remaining Range/Battery Percentage




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I've only ridden mine about 110 miles so far but in general - I'm impressed with the range. I was prepared to be disappointed.

This bike has me acting like a teenager that just got their license and is looking for excuses to go run errands. I've done a couple of runs for the wife (doing another one tonight) and some general exploring for myself. It's just ridiculously fun.

I still ride my analog road bike for fitness (I mostly run though - only ride 50ish miles a week on my analog) HOWEVER I've found that the Allant 9.9s is great for recovery days if I pedal with eco level (level 1) assist. If I'm out running errands or playing I usually use Touring or Sport. I only turn on Turbo for the steep hills but that never gets old!