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Hi everybody,

I have done about 150 miles so far on my Orbea Gain M20i. I have been tracking my rides and energy use on a spreadsheet that I am attaching below. To calculate assist, I take my mileage in each assist level and get an average. For example, on my 35 mi ride, my first 3 miles were with no assist, my next 20 miles were on assist level 1, and the last 12 miles were on assist level 3. Level 1 adds 100 watts, level 2, 200, and level 3, 250. So in this example ((3*0) + (20*100) + (12*250)) / 35 = 142.9 average assist level. This number is not used for any of the other calculations, it is just to show how the assist level for the ride affects range.

To calculate wh/mi I divide the battery watt hours(248) by (miles ridden/percentage used). For example ((248 / (35/.7)) = 5.0. Wh used is just miles * wh/mi. I list speed of the ride for more detail and I could list elevation for more detail too if I wanted. All of the 15 mi rides on my sheet are going up a local mountain with about 2000 feet of gain.

Thought others might find the spreadsheet useful and give others an idea of the range you can get with the bike.


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Truckee Climber

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I purchased the 2021 Orbea Gain M20i. I have done ~500 miles so far. My typical use case is running in Level 1 (Eco) with factory settings at 100 watts. Several rides in the 50-65mi range and 2500' to 4000' of elevation. And battery remaining around 15-20%. Bike is running well.