Range extender - alternate mounting options?


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Love my Gain, and plan to take it on some longer adventures. I like keeping the down tube and seat tube mounts for hydration. I would like to mount (or carry) the Range Extender elsewhere, and I'm open to ideas. Not a ton of mounting eyelets on this bike. But even if I had more mounting locations - say for example I put on a touring front fork with eyelets. The cord that runs from the extender into the charging port on the bike is very short - the perfect length for where the manufacturer decided it should be mounted, but nowhere else. Sooo...does anyone know if the manufacturer makes an extension cable? I've searched online and can't find anything. Seems like a very useful accessory, and should be fairly easy for them to make. If not, any DIY home-brew ideas to rig something up using a spare charging cord?


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I think you're better off figuring out how to mount a second water bottle than trying to change the location of the range extender battery. I've been wearing a Camelbak when I need more than one water bottle. I tried a water bottle cage adapter that can mount two cages side by side, but my legs would hit the bottles when standing, so that didn't work. There is an adapter that can mount two bottles in a row. Might work if you have a big frame. I think Wolftooth makes it. They also make larger capacity water bottles (although probably still not as much volume as two bottles). Finally, there are water bottle mounts that fit under the back of the seat where a wedge pack usually goes. Triathletes use them.