Range limits and adding a new e-bike to my corral...

Another range report and I’m adding a new e-bike to my collection but not a Lectric. I love this bike but when I bought it I was not expecting to be taking long rides. It was for a 2 mile round trip to my parents which I‘d assumed would often or always be unassisted, throttle only. But I’ve found that my long ago injured knee is actually allowing me to peddle full time with moderate to light effort. I still don’t fully trust it so am going to stick to an ebike but I wanted something with more range.

Range Report thus far...
My maximum range thus far seems to be hovering around 24 miles with a max of 27 achieved yesterday on a warm, 70 degree day, fully charged battery. Tires inflated to 25 back, 20 front. Most riding thus far has been at 25 to 30psi but on cooler days. My terrain is lightly hilly with about 1,000 elevation gain/loss reported by the Ride with GPS app over the two routes I usually take. I’m on pavement most of time but with 10% gravel road. I weigh in at 175 with clothes/helmet and bike is about 70lbs with a small back bag, extra tube, water. I generally ride at PAS 2 or 3 with little to no throttle. I prefer PAS 3 and 18mph as a nice balance of range/speed. Occasionally bump to 4 or 5 but rarely (partly due to range concerns). I think 25 mile range is reasonable given I’m on somewhat hilly terrain... much of that is very gradual inclines and only one or two steep but short hills. I’ve had the bike for 5 weeks and ride everyday that’s not raining, about 550 miles thus far so I think I’ve got a good average expectation to go on.

I’m actually very happy with the XP but what I‘m realizing I want going forward is shocks on the front, larger wheels, a bit more range and the ability to average a higher speed. I’ll be keeping the Lectric as our family shares a bit of land (I live here, they visit) and I’m hoping that with spring/summer/fall and more frequent visits there will be a good bit of interest in riding so it’s going to become a family bike. Also hoping my 72 year old dad will ride it a bit. I expect I’ll still ride it a bit too but will likely move more of my ride time to the new rig (RAD Rover) which should be shipping out in the next day or two.

My expectations from reading/watching reviews and ride reports is that the Rover will reliably provide 30 to 35 miles at 18mph to 20 and ride time around 2.5 hours or more compared to my current ride time of 90 minutes to 2 hours. It would seem that the larger wheels, while having a less zippy feel, provide for higher speed and range over longer rides which is what I tend to do. So, basically, a different bike better geared to how I’m actually riding and wanting to ride.

A last note about the XP and the smaller form factor... It’s going to be great for my family who are all non-cyclists that haven’t spent much time on bikes. With the low stand over height it is easily assessable. That said, I hope Lectric adds an option for a front shock for an added cost on future bikes. Our gravel road (and other roads in my area of rural Missouri, gravel and blacktop) can often by quite rough. My hope is that having an e-bike will be a hit with my family and that we might even add another couple this summer. If Lectric offers a bike with shocks they’ll be at the top of the list, if not it would likely be something like the RAD Mini. They do cost more but I think the shocks will be worth it on our terrain. I’ve tried the lower tire pressure and it helps a bit but not enough. Partly because I’m only lowering it to 15 to 20 because I’m riding pavement mostly. If I were full time on the gravel maybe a permanent psi of 8 to 12 would do the trick. But I really think they should offer shocks as an option.

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Ive got the rad mini and this bike. The rad gets me 40 miles easy. Mostly flat. I weigh 190# . i also have fat road tires on rad. The rad is better bike but barely. After i ride this one then get on rad mini there is waaay less room to stand over cross bar. Feel cramped on rad. ( more room between handlebars and seat on lectric). If lectric gave us a better battery i would probably sell the rad as i own 4 e bikes.


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I have yet to ride my XP (Minnesota snow/ice) but as my main intended riding style will be throttle only I find it very hard to estimate throttle range when distance reports are given for riding under various PAS settings. As I hear folks reporting that with our XP's just turning the crank will cause the motor to spool up to what ever is the programmed speed for that PAS# so very little human power (if any) is required at this point. Then I assume as human power increases, the load on the motor/battery decreased to the point as in PAS# 5 you exceed the C2 20mph and the motor shuts down. The amount of human power used is the big variable here. Obviously the more the human power used the more range your going to get out of the battery.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking any of you folks that are trying to help by giving range reports, it's just that for me someone saying the they get 20 miles per battery using PAS 3 and 4 doesn't really help a lot. There are a many variables that influence the battery range so it does help when folks fill in as many of the blanks as they can. Driver/load weight, speed, tire type/pressure, hills, wind, and so on. But the amount of human power used has to be on the top of the list and it is the biggest unknown. If our displays did the I x E math (current times voltage) and had the Watts displayed we could probably put a number to the human power being used. Run the bike on throttle and note the watt reading then start pedaling and watch the watts drop as you pick up the load. But we can't do that.

When I first started reading about the XP I ran across a "throttle only" report where most of the major blanks were filled in and "at 21 miles the energy bar started flashing showing the battery depleted". So for this test we know the 21 miles is the lowest range the battery will give under these conditions. Any PAS use that contributes human power will extend this range. This is great, I know what my blanks would be so now I can get a good feel for what I can expect. Unfortunately this sounds like a exceptional case

When I read reports of someone getting 25 miles and someone else getting 10 miles when both are using PAS, it would be interesting to see what the miles would be if they both were on throttle only at the same fixed speed.

Again, this is not a complaint, just a occasional want.



The XP odometer is not accurate. It likely under reports miles traveled. That might vary by Bike.

If I add another ebike it will probably have torque sensing, not cadence sensing, and cost lot more . . .
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