Razor Pocket Mod Conversion

Anders Forsgren

New Member
One of my friend's younger siblings recently got a Razor Pocket Mod (the mini moped) for Christmas. After getting a chance to ride it, despite being too big for it, I began looking into purchasing one. However, I quickly realized how crappy of a moped it is. What I was wondering is how difficult it would be to remove the current parts in one and essentially make it a micro moped ebike sort of thing? I'm looking for ~20mph and ~5-10 mile distance.

Ann M.

Well-Known Member
Oh My, @Anders Forsgren ! I've been in the electric scooter and electric bike business for about 15 years now and that Razor Pocket Mod is pretty much a kids' ride on scooter. At 15 you would be more than a bit big for the size of this 2 wheeler and you would essentially be gutting it. The frame can can hold your weight but is not designed for 20mph+ speeds that you want. They are so cute! Now, with money and perseverance you could potentially swap out the controller for higher amps and voltage, motor for the same and throttle to match. You would have to be creative as to battery placement since the battery tray is originally designed to hold 2 small 12 10ah SLA batteries. There are other scooters more powerful, yet small, that might be appealing to you since you've got the scooter bug! Please feel free to reply to me via conversation or Personal Message on the EBR forum. Glad to help and have fun!