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Hello ebike community.
A couple of years ago I first got curious about ebikes. My wife and I went to Lake Tahoe and rented a couple of Pedegos. We both immediately fell in love with the ebikes and stretched them to their limits.
From Stateline, going up to the top of Fallen Leaf Lake and general messing around it was probably 30 miles total plus two flat batteries!
For about a year I dithered around until I eventually jumped in and bought the acclaimed Haibike Xduro 29er.
Joe, from Motostrano, made a compelling case for the Bosch drive system despite my interest in the Evo Cross.
As fate would have it, my wife bought the Evo Cross a little later after the 500w model came out. (I swear I had only a little influence;)
Both suberb bikes! We've been getting to know the bikes for the past year.

Two years later, this past Labor Day, we returned to Tahoe to recreate our adventure. It felt like we were driving Ferraris compared to other bikers huffing and puffing around the Tahoe area.
Not that we were being lazy -We got 40 miles with around 15% battery left. Some battery anxiety at first on low level use until we had plenty of reserve, then we blasted half way up and down a couple of mountains using the full range of assist.
Some thoughts if you're interested -
My X duro has got me up some great local trails. It was coming down that terrified me! As you can maybe see from the foto my seat is higher than my bars. Add to that I had to raise the seat higher to accommodate the beam rack, I'm also long in the torso and I've been in danger of endos so much I seriously have to think of modifying my bars. Any suggestions?
We've both added Thudbuster/body float posts.
We ran into a Heavenly employee that said a Haibike rep' had donated them a bike. They loved it, demo'd it, but ran into a Forestry officer that wanted them off the Rim Trail. Can he do that?
Be very careful with your car racks! Check the weight capacity and even then, add some insurance straps.

Anyhow - Loving our bikes. looking forward to being part of the community once again.
A couple of years ago, we posted some shots. We thought it would be great to do some glamour shots of our new rigs at the same scene. (hopefully attached)



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Welcome! Nice to hear the stories of the experienced.

Don't know if ebikes are allowed on the Rim trail or not. Rules are different everywhere, and it is good to aquaint yourself with your local regs.

Nice looking bikes!

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Really great intro! It's great to hear how you're using your Ebike and your experience with the different brands. I hope to have the opportunity to ride at Lake Tahoe one day, it seems like a beatiful place.

Regarding your RX 29, I hope that your seat isn't higher than comfortable for you, if so I would recommend installing a standard Topeak rack. The install is a little more involved, but it's definitely doable.

You could do some different things with the bars and the stem as well. If you wanted to raise the bars I would recommend visiting a shop and try to get an idea of what position you're most comfortable. A competent shop will be a good resource here. You can then select riser bars and/or an angled stem to help you achieve the desired effect.

I hope that helps. Welcome to the forum and happy riding!