Really good helmet light?


I'm riding more at night because the ebikes are so fun and it's getting dark earlier. I'm curious what the standout helmet lights are that have good output, quality beam, solid battery, good mount / adjustability and reasonable weight. I like quality lights...maybe a few hundred bucks. Happy to spend less.

I screen grabbed this image of Charlie in one of the Specialized Como reviews from this site. Evidently Charlie owns a shop so his light must be pretty nice. Anybody know what it is? Thanks


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Thanks Hoboin, I think you are correct. Good researching, I did some searching previously and could not figure it out.

Still interested to hear about other quality helmet lights.



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glad i could help. I wouldnt mind getting one myself. When i first started ebiking about 5 months ago i had a small cheap coin battery operated one that i rigged to the helmet and loved it on blink mode but it died about 2 months into my biking adventures.


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I have a Bontrager Circuit MIPS helmet that takes various lights, front and rear. I have used them to good effect. The MIPS version has now been replaced with their Circuit WaveCel model, same light fittings.

Hi Rome, I have an old Bell Citi that I'm going to replace. I'd like to get the Sena M1 Evo so I can communicate with my wife when her 2022 Como 4.0 arrives early next year. But, the M1 Evo's are out of stock...
I ended up ordering the Specialized Flux 1250. A little heavier but sounds like a good light.

It has some negative reviews for the handle bar mount. But the helmet mount looks perfect and I think can hold a GoPro.
Flux 1250



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cool, hope it works out for you. If you can come back and give us a review i would appreciate it. I will probably look for a very cheap option and will post here once i come up with something, budget is tight now! Happy riding
Thanks. Here's another good company to consider and the prices are reasonable for a premium light. This is popular with the flashlight guys along with the Lupine brand which is high dollar.
Hi guys,
Here's a video of my lights.
Recently installed on the bike is a Supernova Mini Pro- E25 with a high low beam. It's a big upgrade over the stock light.
On the handlebars is have a B&M Ixon Space which is an amazing self contained, small headlight with an awesome reflector. The two lights work very well together.
On my helmet is a Gloworm X2 Adventurer. It can be programmed for whatever output you want up to 2000 lumens. With the remote I can toggle through 500, 1000, 1500 & 2000 lumens.
Light Set Up

I think I'm good for now. If I had the needed voltage I would love to get the Supernova M99 Pro but the Mini Pro is all my bike can handle.


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I ride at night most of the time by choice. While you can go out to impress with the megabuck gear (really, who else is riding with you?), I have found that in the dark countryside roads I ride, a combination of a Victagen $24 bar mount light from Amazon and a headlamp (my favorite came from a Coast $25 2-pack from Costco) to shine light where I look, both only running at low power most of the time, provides more than ample lighting. I also use a couple other headlamps from Princeton Tec and Petzl but they were undewhelming. The one from Coast that I like have a quick focus adjustment that goes from flood to spot and pretty light.