Rear cam to phone ?


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Is there a bike cam (or dash cam) that can be powered by USB and send video (from behind me) to my phone on my handlebars ? :)




yes my neighbor has one with built in turn signals,he got it off Amazon a few weeks ago,i think its called a Sixth Sense


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Or a Car rear view camera connected to an rca monitor , all powered by a 9v battery ? That costs 70-80$.


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Hi I am not sure about that but this item has caught my interest.
I own the 2016 version. It works well but I have two complaints. The mount is not robust and since I started using the Nyon, I no longer need the Garmin computer that also displayed the Varia’s output to the side. There appears to be no way of purchasing the unit’s display without purchasing another detector. Pass.

It won’t give you images of what is behind you, just moving dots which represent vehicles.


If you don't already have a GoPro (or the OSMO pocket action cam, which is great), one of those would work.

Alternatively, there are motorcycle specific options that come with roughtly 3" display, and two cameras (front and rear) and can be powered by a USB battery.

The cameras are a wired connection however.


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I think a possible inexpensive option you can try is using a wired inspection cam/endo/boroscope. That can plug directly into your phone.(OTG compatible)