Rear Cargo Rack Battery vs. Down-tube Battery?

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Hi everyone,

First time poster hear (but a long-time lurker haha). I'm finally ready to pull the trigger on my first e-bike, but wanted to ask a quick question first.

I see a lot of the more affordable or older model e-bikes place their batteries on the rear cargo racks, but a lot of newer/more expensive e-bikes are placing them in the down-tube. Besides aesthetics, is there a major reason why more bike companies are moving in that direction?

I'd heard having the battery in the back can effect stability and make it awkward for carrying or lifting the bike. I like the lower cost that a lot of the back battery e-bikes offer, but am concerned about the user experience.

I'd love to hear any advice that you might have. Thanks in advance!


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Yes, I like in the down tube battery much better. Just like Mr. Flymeaway said, lower center of gravity. Keep looking up! Ken.


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In addition to lower center of gravity, it shifts more weight onto the front wheel to mount the battery on the down tube. If both the motor and battery are located at the back of the bike, that can create a concentration of weight on the rear wheel and possibly affect the handling.
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Never buy a bike with a rear mounted battery.. The rear weight bias affects the handling and takes away from your storage.

owned both kinds of designs and there is no comparison.. down tube batteries have a lower CG and better balance.

Plenty of inexpensive downtube battery ebikes, and motors in the hub and middrives. The Sondors starts at $700 delivered.

Suggest you find a local bike shop and try a few before deciding!


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i have a downtube battery and it does the job ok up until a point,

However if it`s more than 11-13aH you need,

there`s only so many cells you can cram in there and if you want something with a bit more kick its a rear rack or frame bag option.


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rear battery looks terrible, not stealth at all and puts too much weight in the rear especially if you are using a rear hub motor


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I have a Haibike Xduro Super Race that my hubby got me for Christmas -- it has a 400wh battery mounted on the down tube. my husband bought a 600 wh battery from AliExpress - it looks exactly like my bosch 400wh (except it was 1/3 the price) -- we wanted a backup battery because we typically ride long distances, around 100 miles a ride. the battery arrived yesterday but it does not have the same connection as the Bosch. in all other respects, it's pretty much identical. I'm wondering if we could mount this 2nd battery on a rear pack, or under the top tube, and put a switch between the two batteries? the new battery came with a mounting bracket and charger, wires to connect etc. our thought was to carry it in a frame bag, now he is wondering if we could mount in there or something. thoughts?

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Michelll, I'd start by physically (not electrically) jury rigging the spare battery in each place (under top tube and on the rear rack) temporarily, then judge for yourself how the bike's handling is affected with each position.