Rear hub motor - free run clamps


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Hi Forum, I have a problem with my 500W rear hub motor of my XT750 e-bike from cyrusher.
If I manually move the rear wheel forwards and backwards, the motor makes the same noise and needs the same force to move the wheel.
Normally if you move it forwards you ony hear the clicking noise of the free run of the sprocket and no need of force to move.
It seems the free run inside of the motor is clamped (not the free run of the sprocket).
Has someone an idea how I can solve this issue, or an explosion drawing of the hub motor to disassemble it and losen the clamping.
I still had several mails to, but their only commend was,
they have doubts if I've bought the bike at cyrusher.
Attached the type of the motor.
Thanks for your help.



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