Rear Hub Motor Wheel Stolen


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Sorry, but you're delusional. There were likely signs up that said they're not responsible for loss if you choose to use the room. The answer is to simply have it insured and NOT store the bike there. Take it into your suite and tell them to solve the room security problem if they have an issue with it. ( a large number of these thefts are inside jobs......your neighbours lending a hand, whether unwittingly or otherwise)
I never used a storage room/cage for my bikes, at work or where I lived. Always took them up into my unit or my office.
There are scumbags/opportunists out there everywhere. They'll relieve you of anything they can get their hands on if they think it can net them anything at all.. They'll break car windows for mere pocket change.

Depends on what the lease agreement said.


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That's bizarre. Hub motors are not at all expensive.
People were stealing hub motors back in 2019, now E bikes are even more popular and people love to mod these days, it was for sure another E bike owner who stole it,maybe to mod or replace a broken part. The average loser has no idea what or where a hub motor is