Rear Hub to mid drive motor questions


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Forgive my ignorance. This is new territory for me, I have a himiway 750w rear hub drive bike, after some testing, it will not pull the terrain as I need, the power cable gets hot fast!
Does any one make a mid drive motor, just a basic 3 wire? I literally could use all my factory controls to power and run everything. The controller, brake switches, battery ect. I really need just a mid drive motor. I looked into Bafang, and asked their support but they would tell me nothing. I’m not sure if the hub motor is BLDC or what?


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I wired the battery up on my geared hub drive with 12 ga wire, and the wire runs dead cold with 170 lb me and up to 80 lb cargo, plus 94 lb bike bags tools water. I cross >80 hills on my 30 miles commute. I had to peel a few strands back & cut them since bullet connectors come only in blue (14 ga max) but I never use more than 30 amps. Light gage ****ese crimp connectors can overheat @ 30 amps, as can a bad crimp. I use 3M, T&B, TE connectivity, Panduit, or Dorman crimp terminals.