Rear rack for Jet


Unsure what to look for in a rear rack for Marys Jet. Just want a small bag for afternoon rides. Has anyone found a good fit?

Chris Nolte

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We've used Topeak 29er Disc Racks on the Neo Jets with good results. You could also use a standard Topeak rack as well.


Chris, what would be the difference? ...when you say standard, is that the disc brake model?
Topeak Explorer 29Er disc, Topeak Explorer, Topeak Explorer Disc. mostly so I can lighten my backpack, bike locks, water, small tools and first aid

Ann M.

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Good question, @mamerc ! The Topeak Explorer racks can carry a lot more weight, about 50 lbs and are structurally sound. The disc brake version is built a bit wider a the rear stay connection points to accommodate the extra width. Definitely offload that extra weight in your backpack!


Ended up with this ....., very happy with the quality and fit. Bags were on sale on WOOT, I think they were $28.


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