Rear Rack for Juggernaut


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Hopefully Roshan can post photo of Juggernaut with rack installed. I assume the park rangers in Alberta are riding 2014 Juggernauts.
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Is the Juggernaut frame drilled for that type of rack?
The bikes come with 2 holes on either side of the bike - near the derailleur and disc brake - to mount the rack supports. For the park guys, I drilled 2 holes near the seat and installed rivnuts onto which the rack attaches. It pretty-much just works. I'll try and post some pictures soon.


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Seat collar looks like possibility so no holes have to be drilled what size to buy for 30.4mm seatpost?
Yes..or something like this
For the large triangular shape of that part of the Juggernaut frame, it would likely need to be the large size.
At my local bike shop, I bought both a seat collar and a pair of these P-clamps and will try both and keep what works best.