Rear rack mounting for Dash

Charly Banana

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I know that there are rear racks that are designated for disc brake bikes. However, after looking at several pictures of the Dash rear wheel area and seeing how the brake assembly is mounted forward instead of upward, it appears that any standard rack should be able to be mounted to the Dash. It doesn't look like the disc brake should interfere with the rear rack mounts. Am I correct on this?

Charly Banana

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Thank you Brian.
Those are excellent pictures.
They certainly answer my original question which was do I use Non-Disc mounts or Disc mount for a rack.
Since we have disc brakes on the Dash, I originally assumed I needed to order the Topeak Explorer disc mount style.
But as your pictures clearly shows the Non-Disc mounts work just fine.
Also, it is great to see those panniers expanded.
I have been thinking of getting that Topeak bag also.


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Yes, non-disk brakes is the correct one. The Explorer or the Super Tourist, and there are many options for the bag including a larger one.