Rear Rack options for the Turbo?


On Specialized's website, they show a picture of a rear rack that has an integrated LED taillight. Oddly, it's the cover photo for the page where they sell all the "Extras" accessories, but they don't actually list it as a product you can buy. I believe it's the same rack by the looks of it that the own of of the DC bike shop that guest stars in some of Court's videos has on his heavily modified Como 5.0. Here's the page -- see top cover pic:

So do they no longer sell it? Is there any way to get it? Why would they stop offering it?

If you search their site, the only rack I can find as an actual buyable product is this basic one, which wasn't designed for the Turbos and has no light:

Are there any other options, from Specialized or third parties, that people would recommend that would work for the Turbo Como? I'm not interested in their front pizza rack. Ideally I like the idea of the integrated LED tail light but if not just a great rack in general that fits the bike.



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I have a VADO 1.0 and wanted to put fenders on it, but ended up having to put rack on as well. I purchased the Specialized fenders, no instructions. Found out I need to buy the rear rack as well to attach the fenders! Both were expensive I think I spent about $150+. Also no instructions and not enough bolts/brackets to attach. I had to make a bracket and find a bolt to install.