Rear Rack Suggestions?


Just post the dimensions of the iPad Air and I will check my MTX DXP trunkbag. I carry an Eagle Creek Pack-it Folder with my clean clothes for the week, it is 12" x 18" and about 4" of it sticks out of the top.
Thanks for the reply. Sorry if my post was confusing. I have both bags at the moment. The last picture shows the ipad on DXP trunkbag. It is bigger than expected, but I am sure that I will appreciate the space when I drive to the gym.

I like your idea with the bolt. :)


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Thanks Magmir - I have two Scott Sub 10 bikes for me and for the Supreme Commander. I added a rear rack and panniers to mine a year ago and honestly I kind of dislike how much heavier my rear wheel is than my wife's. The weight of the steel rear rack is significant and (I found out later) there are panniers that are much lighter than the set that I bought.
"Supreme Commander" ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

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got a topeak rear rack and topeak mtx bag for sale (perfect conditon).pm me if interested.