Rear wheel / hub motor replacement options?


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That's exactly what I've spent the weekend trying to figure out. I'm trying to find a near-enough substitute that is already in a US warehouse. jkvt in this thread notes that "For what it's worth, I'm in the process of swapping out the display/controller for KT, but I kept the Das Kit motor. Not done, but I did plug things into the motor to see if they worked and they seem to. It responded properly to throttle and read a speed on the speedometer. The KT vendor said it's compatible with Bafang motors so, if KT works with Bafang and Das Kit, then it's probably safe to say Bafang and Das Kit are both compatible with each other (same pin layout). Anyways I know the OP has a solution but figured I'd put this here for anyone else now or down the road." So maybe I just buy a Bafang motor like!12000026880686191!sea and see where that gets me?

But the other thing I'm wondering about is this: What's wrong with my motor? I know it's the motor: I have two identical bikes, and when I swap the motor out of the casing on one bike an into the other I get the same problem. But I can't find a description of the problem online (namely, that the motor is running weakly, but not otherwise inconsistently or with a power drop or other things I can find described online). When I watch a motor teardown (
) I just don't see that much that can go wrong with one of these things. It's not the internal gears, I can see them clearly and there's no broken teeth or obvious sign of wear. What wiring I can see looks fine. There's no scorching or any loose parts. I'm thinking of getting a gear puller and pulling it apart, but I suppose the question is If one of these motors is broken will that be visible if you dig deeply enough?


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I agree, there's not much to these motors, very simple design. It's probably quality control at the factory or cheap materials.

Let us know how it goes if you try another manufacturer. I have a feeling it'll work as long as the connector is the same.