Rear wheel upgrade


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So i went a put a BBSHD kid on this

Had some issues with the cup and cone bearing with a freewheel hub, im looking to upgrade to either a free hub single speed cartridge bearing rear or an internal geared hub. Id like to keep it as a disc break on the rear for the stopping power advantage, and i dont want to have to deal with a cup and cone bearing due to the on going adjustment and maintenance, but im new to the bike building world and am not sure about the best way to go about it, but i feel like theres a couple of options

1. Buy an already made wheel for what i want (issue is i dont know if theres any specific measurements and specs i need to know before buying the wheel

2. Buy a hub and go to my local bicycle mechanic and get them to switch out the other hub with the new one as to keep the same rim/wheel set up (same issue as option 1. Not knowing if theres things i need to know about the bike before hand)

3. Suck it up and learn how to adjust the cup and cone properly

Any advice as to what kinds of wheels/hubs i should look into would be greatly appreciated, or if you guys have any better ideas that would help. Im looking to make this bike as reliable as i can as im looking to do uber eats with it


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I'm not clear what the difficulty is with ordering a new rim/hub. I would definitely ditch the cup and cone setup. Just too much maintenance for a bike that will get a lot of use.

Contact Chain Reaction Cycles for a new wheel. They are very helpful and will walk you through the options. Good prices and shipping.

Also consider hydraulic brakes. Cable actuated brakes require constant adjustment, not unlike the cup and cone hub. Hydraulic are self adjusting. There are even hydraulic rim brakes available. These will help you achieve that bullet proof, maintenance free bike.