Rearview Safety Options For Ebikes


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I own both the take a look and Mirrycle bar end. Haven't used the take a look in years, mirrycle is used every ride. Much more convenient to get on the bike and go for me.


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I have tried several different mirrors and my favorite for years now is the Bike Peddler Take-a-look. Stable, easy to mount and with a good field of view. Mounting it to the helmet may require zip ties, depending on design, but you can also mount it onto your glasses.
I have gotten so used to it that I catch myself looking to the upper left, even when I am not riding my bike and not wearing my helmet.
Absolutely great mirror, easy to get used to. Combined with hearing (never any you want to live biking on the road?), forewarned and safe.


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I've tried the little mirror and didn't really like it. You have to focus too much on the mirror to see. I've also tried the mirror attached to the bars and its a little easier but my arm blocks some of the view. I currently have the rear camera option tied to a small 12v battery. I replaced the battery with a 18v 1.5 ah battery that has an on/off switch. That lasts about 4 hours. Cost was $30 on Amazon.

This unit handles 6v-36v I believe. So a 9v battery would work. I tried that too.


Would be nice to get a screen without the backup lines. Like this one...

I've seen some where you can disable the lines by disconnecting a cable. I plan on hooking it up to my main battery using a DC to DC converter to go from 48v down to 12v that I got from Grin.
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Very cool! How visible is the screen under different lighting conditions?

I'll have to check on that. Most of the time I use it is in the city during the day. I'll have to take some pictures of the screen on my morning commute when the sun is just starting to come up.


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This morning I took a picture of the camera in low light. I don't see the horizontal lines looking at the screen so I'm not sure why its in the picture.

I added some small lights near it to see if that helps. It probably doesn't help during the day but more at night. It's a cloudy day so sometimes its dark and other times its bright. I can also try moving the camera elsewhere on the bike. Maybe the frame and rear lights are blocking some of the light.