Reasons you ride? - Aside from the obvious reason where riding is your passion.

Maybe an odd thread, but I was wondering how many are on this forum where riding an e-bike is is perhaps done for other reasons than riding being your primary form of exercise and recreational enjoyment?

I will start. Riding an e-bike for me has these drivers, in order.

1 - To get me to my tennis matches, which is my primary exercise and recreational enjoyment. The locations where I play, both happen to be around 3 miles away and an easy bike ride.
2 - To avoid buying another gas guzzler and expensive car as we have 4 drivers in the house and 3 vehicles.
3 - Small errands like quick runs to the grocery store.
4 - Then, the enjoyment and exercise of riding a bike, as time permits.

Likely I am in somewhat of a minority as most people here seem to be avid riders which is great. Appreciate all the informed input and lessons learned from you biking road warriors.

Last, don't get me started on my visits to local bike shops in Cary NC to find an e-bike.
Since I wanted an e-bike and not a 'regular' bike, that was already a 'knock' against me, with several making comments like - "Oh you don't want a bike, you want a scooter". Ugh.
Then, when I told them I mostly wanted to use it to get to tennis, and GASP, I might use a throttle on occasion, I was treated like a pariah.

Appreciate this forum, lots of great people with great information and a wonderful community feel.


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It was mostly to commute I do at least 20 miles a day but it is now my only form of transportation along with our e tandem. Now I commute 20 to 25 miles a day then go on a tandem ride after dinner 10 or more miles. So instead of trying to entertain myself I ride.

Sifu Ben

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I do it for fun. Exercise is a by-product. I don't want to exercise for the sake of exercise but I like biking. We drive electric vehicles, use battery powered lawn tools and have solar panels so the ebikes kinda complement the electric lifestyle.


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Recently diagnosed with heart problems and I hate walking for exercise. Was hoping the ebike would get me off my butt for at least an hour a day. It is working so far. I am getting up earlier and starting my rides by 630am before it gets too hot. But to answer the OPs question, I bought my ebike to breathe...

Bruce Arnold

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Mainly for exercise. Also for enjoyment, commuting and errands. We sold one of our cars 2 years ago this spring, so we use our bikes as much as possible. There have been only one or two times when it was a little difficult having only one car, the ebikes really do the job for us. We live about 5 miles from a small town, mostly level terrain, so very doable. I have COPD so this is one of the best forms of exercise I've found. If I get out of breath, I can bump up the PAS for a while then set it lower again.

Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
There is a thread related to the same things OP had raised here:

There is a good book called "Bike Snob: Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling" to be found on the

There is a witty definition in the book:
"Cyclist (noun) -- One who rides a bicycle, even when he or she doesn't have to do so"

Personally, I ride for health, adventure, and because it is so much fun. I'm a cyclist.


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Reasons: I love being outside, I think biking is fun, I like to bike with family members and friends, especially my husband and son. I used to belong to a bike club and biked several times a week before we had children and I am thinking of rejoining. I like other outside pursuits like kayaking but they are a lot more work and planning. We live near parks and bike paths. The e bike helps with hills. It is fun to just jump on your bike and go. I am hoping biking with my ebike will result in better health. I miss the swimming, lifting weights and stationary biking I used to do at the gym before corona virus. Biking feels safer.