Received my latest batch CCX from Juiced Bikes...


Christmas came early.

My order from Black Friday arrived yesterday and today I had some free time so I unboxed and assembled the bike. The first thing to go was the goofy looking fenders, kept the rack though.

Looks like the latest batch CCX comes with the side cooling vents just like the Crosscurrent S2, I was pleasantly surprised because I think it looks cool as hell. Paint is flawless, zero damage out of the box. They got the packing down to a science it seems.

Included were some extra spare parts, a couple of spokes, extra rack supports, tools, etc...

Assembly was super easy, install the front wheel and pedals. That's it. The derailleur seems to be set nearly perfect out of the box, all gear shifted buttery smooth with no hesitation. These Tektro hydraulic brakes are a thing of beauty, amazing stopping power at the tip of my fingers.

I did a quick ride up and down my street and oh boy this thing is FAST! Effortlessly accelerated to over 28mph, I got a little scared honestly since I didn't have my helmet on but the bike felt super stable. Currently on the charger right now and I can't wait to take her out for a real spin tomorrow. My first Juiced Bike and I'm thoroughly impressed.






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With the vents I believe that’s got to be a2020 model???? Their website does not show any vents on the bike


A few modifications to the CCX today.

Shimano DEORE XT Pedals

Lizard skin fork protectors

Ritchey 60mm stem with a 30-degree rise to give me a more relaxed riding position, big difference.

With the remaining material cut from the Lizard Skin, I made a chainstay protector. Waste not, want not.


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It looks cool with the vents but wouldn’t water or All sorts of debris get in there and rust the frame ?
Can also use it to store your funds ...piggy bank. Hard to take them out though !
I’m wondering why mine came with the battery loose, and not packed in like your bike. Some clown must have packed it.

The vents aren’t open into the downtube, and they aren’t vents at all. It’s a heat sink, aka passive heat exchanger. Seen on a lot of computer hardware.
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I’m new to suspension. Is the fork protector necessary if you’re riding on road? As opposed to trails where dirt would get in?


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Just got my CCX today! The front fender is not attacked, and I have a heck of time trying to remove the nut that holds the light assembly to install the fender. The nut just keeps turning! Any suggestions?
Congrats! Yup, so you need to pull on the light fixture itself in the opposite direction, to give it tension, while you tighten the nut. You can get it pretty snug that way.


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Planetbike did your CCX come with the light already attached? Mine did and so I can't remove the nut in the back that attaches the light to bracket - the same bracket that the front fender gets attached to. When I turn the nut from the back the screwhead turns a well.


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If you ride in rain there will be grit & debris & in winter you get salt slush. I just bought some to install on a new fork that'll replace the stock fork. I'm hoping they'll work to keep crap off the stanchions & not retain liquid.