Recharging at restaurants, stores, etc?

Peter J

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I hope to tour with my e-bike. However, I will go through lightly populated areas. Any hints for recharging the battery? I can envision going into a restaurant and asking to plug in my bike's battery. Most coffee stores are used to having customers plug in laptops, so those would be easy. I figure my battery takes pennies to fill, but I imagine I could offer to pay a buck to charge. I could bring a kill-a-Watt meter, which would record kWh consumed to ease any fears I would take dollars worth of power. What is your experience asking for an outlet? Any hints for success?


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Google Danny Halmo . He had a story about his trip in August issue of Electric bike Action magazine. Your right he figured the cost for asking to charge if I remember right was around $25 for 4,000 miles!


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@Peter J That's a problem if you don't know the area. Even though I don't like McDonalds they have plenty of outlets and their minimum wage help does not care.

Another place is the public library, assuming you can just bring your battery inside.

Never tried a diner. Those owners can get very opinionated.. They may or may not like your bike


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I'd ride behind places, strip malls and such, where the employees often hang out to smoke or check cells on their breaks. Smile and tell them your traveling via electic bike and ask nicely if you could get some juice. There's usually an outlet by the back door or outside where you won't be in anyones way or in view of anything.
Easier to be casual about it than asking at the front door and making them decide if they want you there for an hour or more.... and easier to ask an employee than the boss.
I'm sure you could get a sour puss that would refuse, but I would guess most would gladly let you plug in for an hour or two.
If you're hungry or thirsty offer to buy something couldn't hurt. ;) JMO