recommendations for an inexpensive repair stand


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Xtools folding bike work-stand, about $50, free shipping. Sold under lots of different brands, fairly good reviews. Sold at Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK.
I visited the site and, YES, I do like the Xtools Folding Bike Workstand for $79.99. I viewed many stands, of many brands. The Chain Reaction site states that "the stand will hold 66 lbs". My new Rad Step thru should arrive today, and it weighs in at 66 lbs. I'm new at this, but I plan on getting familiar enough to perform as many maintenance functions as possible. The price for this stand fits my budget. Has anyone else experienced this unit, or has any input ?


I chose the inexpensive route for a bike stand. It was under $40 shipped. It easily holds my Aventon Pace 500 bike in the horizontal position. Very stable. When the bike was rotated to higher angles including all the way to vertical, it would slip back slowly towards horizontal position if working on the bike. No matter how much I tightened the rotating arm lock. I added small strips of rubber to the rotating arm lock which gained the necessary grip to hold it stable while rotated even while working on the bike. I am very satisfied with my cheap stand now.,aps,183&sr=8-30

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