Recommendations for cycling rain wear?


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Let me start by saying this isn't low cost rain gear. New Wheel e-bike shop in San Francisco has a nice rain suit on their site in different sizes. With a video on the site .$ 350 yes it's real nice. Getting caught a few more times drenched might have one in my kit.


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Thanks ebike r2. Just read a bunch on Showers Pass rain wear. Can' t go wrong with them. Their a big notch up from most. No leaks with that gear! Thanks

Chandlee EBS

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this product is no longer available.
They're back up:

I'm probably keeping that line going all by myself. :) After 2 years with several pairs of everything, washing them but not drying, the water resistance has really died off. Tech-waterproofing washes work well though. I'm planning on doing it every six months.

@MarinaGirl, beautiful rain cape! Really sad model though? He looks like he's going to cry...

Cheap bike rain ponchos were the fad while I was in China. Something like this:
I'm going to stash one of these in a pannier for an emergency.


Bar Mitts are amazing. Hands stay warm and dry with no gloves, all winter long! They look a little goofy but the comfort and dexterity is so worth it! Easy on and off if you need to switch bikes. There is even room for a hand warmer if it is super cold where you live.

Chris Nolte

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This stuff might not be available right away, but it’s reasonably priced stylish rain gear. I’d keep an eye on these guys Basil, I’ll be getting some for myself when it releases.