Recommendations on spare tubes - 700x38c Presta valve

Nick S

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I'd like to pick up a couple of spare tubes for my Haibike Trekking as I'm relying on it more and more for commuting and while I've been lucky so far and not had a flat, I can't expect that to last. The Schwalbe Energizer Plus Tour tires are 700x38c, with a presta valve.

Can anyone recommend compatible tubes, ideally ones fairly resistant to punctures? Part of the problem for me is I don't quite know what I should be looking for -- are tubes that are marked 700x35-40 correct for this tire?



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Yes that is the correct size and most presta valves have a removable core now which is handy for squirting a small bottle of latex tire sealant, don't use Slime, into for a modicum of flat protection. So that is a feature you might want to look for. Best for flat protection if you have goat heads, thorns or lots of glass around is to get a tire liner I feel. Otherwise run enough psi so that you aren't pinching the tire/tube on the rim and you should be fine.


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Your tube will usually have a range on it, rather than a specific size. I have the same tires as you. I use Continental Tour 28s. They're good for a wide range varying from 700x32C thru 700x47C.