Recommended After Market Shocks on ST2s DON'T DO IT!!!!!

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I was having trouble with my St2s. The engine felt like it was going over cobblestones when it hit 20mph, and loud, model airplane noises were coming out of the engine. When I took the bike in, I decided to have the recommended aftermarket shocks installed. ($700). What a mistake.

I had tried these same shocks on an St2 and they worked great. The roads I drive on are so horrible, and I have replaced my car with this bike, so I really thought it would be a great investment.

Basically the forks make the bike so heavy, you can't turn it, and to say it's less responsive is an understatement. It takes all your power to turn it. I literally almost crashed the bike twice. I'm having them adjusted, but the mechanic said they felt fine to him and they are going to make the bike ride significantly different.

If you're thinking about installing these forks, find someone who has done it and is satisfied with the change. I would love to hear from others who had a different experience and perhaps if there's something that might be done before I invest another $100 to have them removed and eat the $800 (forks and install)
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I'm curious what kind of fork that cost $700 would behave so poorly and give the impression of such added weight? Was it properly setup by the shop? Could you lock it out for a more stable ride when needed?

I wonder if the angle of the bikes steer tube just isn't well suited to using a suspension fork? The rock shox yari that is on my bulls bike is super nice and runs $600 on its own for instance. looking at the bike, the geometry didn't really look well suited to having a suspension fork. Does it come with a carbon fork? That would probably be a better option, still not cheap.

Leon Washington

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Thank you for your input. The St2s does come with carbon forks, and now I can feel these forks are what makes the bike so streamline, stiff and responsive. Unfortunately, the roads here are almost intolerable with out suspension. . . I mean really bad. I have one of those recommended seat float things and it does really help. When I ride my Haibike with dual suspension, it makes all the difference in the world. I ride minimum 30 miles a day on road and I ride at night, so I was really ready to get some relief.

I agree these forks are really expensive; however, I rode to the Stromer Headquarters to I could test ride a bike with these shocks. The Stromer crew allowed me to try these shocks on an St2; further, they said these are the only aftermarket shocks Stromer recommends. Unfortunately, I'm not a "bike" mechanic or even someone who knows why these probably wouldn't work (I'm definitely guilty for my own ignorance). I did talk to the mechanic and he said the headstock was definately too tight. I hope I have some optimistic news so I can update positively on my experience.


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A tight head stock would definitely explain the stiff ride and the feel that the steering was very difficult. It could be that was the issue with the installed fork, hopefully that is the case! We're you going to try it again with it properly adjusted?


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When you say headstock do you means the brake/shift cables and wiring is tight? That could be causing your handling issue. That could be dangerous if it limits how far you can turn the handlebars. I haven't noticed a difference in steering effort with suspension forks vs. regular forks.


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I have two ST2 bikes. I added shocks to both. I put the Stromer shocks on mine and Fox on my wife's. Best upgrade I made. No change in handling, other than being easier and smoother on dirt roads and at higher speeds on city streets. No heaviness whatsoever. Shocks have been a big improvement over the harsh carbon fiber fork ride.

You have a problem with your installation. That isn't right. Have the bike shop fix it. If they can't, then take it to a another shop.
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I used to look forward to riding my wife's st1 when I first got my st2 cuz it was so stiff, she has the factory optional fork. Since I added the factory sponsored fork to replace the carbon version, no longer. I thought the fit would be the same on an S as my bike , and if correct it sounds like yours is a poor install...there was a little time getting used to riding no hands but about now I no longer even think about it and it is 2nd nature.


I ended up getting the Stromer suspension kit. I installed it on my ST2-S in about an hour. I also needed a Magura bleed kit because the hose had to be cut to remove it from the steerer tube.

The race must be used from the stock fork. I initially installed without and it felt like you described. After installing the race the bike runs awesome. It sits just a bit higher. I wish the bike came with it.

Chris Nolte

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It sounds like an issue with the headset. I think it's likely that they didn't install the crown race or installed it incorrectly. You need the 1.5" FSA Orbit crown race. Did they use the Stromer Fork kit? If not you could have the fork travel shortened to 100mm which will help correct the geometry.