Recommended Replacement for my 220v Battery Charger


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I purchased a Winora Yucatan e-bike while stationed in Germany (2019). The bike came with a 220v battery charger. I've returned to the United States and (of course), the 220v battery charger won't work. I've tried using a converter plug thinking that the bike would just charge slower however, it didn't work. Any suggestions for a good 110v charger to replace the 220v model? I've included a picture of the pin configuration ... unsure what type of pin that is (3 pin?) Thoughts?


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You never know about those chargers with funny pins. They may have some proprietary interface to lock out non-OEM chargers. You could always look inside, but then you'll have to splice the cord and toss out the Yamaha charger.

You might consider a 120VAC-220VAC converter, about $85 on amazon. A 1000W model should be more than enough.
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That appears to be a connector for a Yamaha Intube 36v battery for PW series motors. Unfortunately Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles don’t use that type of battery for their US market ebikes, but you could try contacting them. Some Haibike SDURO models used that battery type so you might try contacting them, but they may not sell directly to consumers but only to shops.