Recs for Mountains and Towing Kids?


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Hi There,

This forum has been great! Been reading a lot of posts and have learned a lot. I'm seeking some advice on the best options for mountains and towing kids.

I live at 10,000ft in the Rockies. Lots and lots of hills. I also have a toddler who I tow via a Thule Chariot most of the time I go for a ride. I'm primarily riding for fitness, just can't find time in the day where I don't have him in tow!

I'm attracted to the idea of a high-performance electric gravel bike. I spend 70% of my time on a paved road and 30% on gravel. Because I'm towing a kid, I'm not really in it for speed but would love the assistance up hills.

I'm attracted to a carbon frame to offset the weight, but that seems inadvisable given my use case towing? Maybe aluminum? I often load my bike onto a roof rack, so weight matters there as well when juggling a kid. Plus, on the days I can go solo it would be fun to fly ;-).

Wondered if anyone has gone through a similar decision and what they might advise. I was attracted to mid-drive models from Specialized such as the Turbo Creo. No firm budget. I'm looking for value. Debating price vs features and longevity. My fear buying a $9k e-bike is that it would be close to obsolete in a few years. Feels pretty hard to commit to that.

Thanks for your help!