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My favorite bike to ride is my recumbent, however since I moved to an area were it is hilly, recumbent biking is a challenge, even with 27 speeds. I did a conversion on my other bike, but just saw my poor recumbent in the corner of the garage begging for me to ride it. So... I decided to convert my BikeE recumbent to an Ebike-BikeE. The BikeE company went out of business many years ago, but they are decent comfortable semi-sit up recumbent.
I used an Ebikeling 20" 500w geared hub (w/ 8 speed freewheel) for the conversion. The controller fit nicely in the rear beam, and used a sling bag attached to rear seat for the battery. The conversion looks very inconspicuous, however the bike is VERY rear heavy, but don't really notice a difference from before.
I've rode it a couple of times, and now will be my go to bike. My wife thinks I look silly riding it, but it is a comfortable ride.
I like having the geared hub because I do like to ride without assist, and kick the PAS on when needed for the hills. What is really cool is that I can also throttle down and feels like I'm riding a chopper.


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