Recycled AA batteries,..

Shea N Encinitas

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So this TV advertisement has been buggin me lately, a major mfg calling their batteries recycled but it says right on the pckg '4% recycled'. 4%! WT% - are they just using the metal wrap? If they were 40% recycled well ok but this 4% does not represent a recycled product IMO. Please feel free to rant or illuminate. -S :eek:

Ann M.

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Not really impressive, but here's Energizer's side of the story. ' The High Performance Recycled Battery' Can't really find any real legal definition of percentage required to call something 'recycled'. Energizer's goal of 40% recycled in a new battery by 2025 seems pretty far into the future, but nothing in the articles goes into what is involved to make a useable recycled battery. Interesting question @Shea N Encinitas !