Redshift Arclight automatic multi mode lights


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Great find, very smart design, and a lot of usage flexibility.
All I would wish for is a Bluetooth handlebar remote that can activate turn signal mode.

Deacon Blues

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I like that it has a flashing mode for riding in the daylight.
I made a comment in both videos that they need to also produce a SPD version for rides (like me) who use clipless pedals.


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San Francisco, Bay Area
It’s on Kickstarter now. I really do like the idea but the actual pedal is very commuter and isn’t as aggressive as I’d like. I love having replaceable pins for mixed use riding.

Deacon Blues

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I suspect that sometime in the next year or two, if this pedal is a success, we'll see different versions.
They're already looking at a SPD version.
Putting out a commuter version first is a smart decision, because I think that's where most of their sales will be.