Reention Dorado Battery Problem


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I was just looking at mine while putting it back together the wires are bent pretty hard at the connection point to the plug you linked to. I can see why they fail. I made sure the wires were not twisted or kinked anywhere. I have a decent soldering station so can usually fix things like that

I more so wanted to hold my bike manufacturer to task and confirm the cells inside it. Just to see if they are the same 18650 Samsung 35E 3500mah cells they advertise.

As far as I can see without cutting out all the glue to remove them. They are the right color to be Samsung 35E.
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Thomas Jaszewski

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Oddly we sold reention DA1 packs for years with few if any fails. I remember like 2 maybe 3 posts over 6 years looking for replacements. I have 4 Reention Dolphin cases and nary a single fail in 6 years.

Poor maintenance is the culprit. Use ACF50, Boeshield, or even crappy dielectric grease to avoid corrosion and failure.

As always YMMV!