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My 2016 Turbo S refuses, most of the time, to go into regenative mode. It works maybe 1 out of 10 tries where I can feel the drag on the bike going downhill. Most of the time the bike just freewheels like it was off or in power mode. If I pedal, I can feel that it's really hard to pedal but as soon as I stop, the bike freewheels again.

When it does work, it's amazing how quickly it will charge the battery...way faster than my 2012 Turbo S that I sold.

Can anyone hazard a guess whether the problem would be in the motor or in the display?

So far in two weeks of ownership the odometer has reset to zero; the motor through a code which went away on restart; the charger kept flashing the lights until I switched to the finned charger; and the display has turned off while ride a coupe of times, although the bike functioned fine. A restart took care of it.

I'll bet people don't have this many problems with a Tesla. Way too many problems for a $7000 bike.


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I agree and to have emailed the specialized techs in Utah a half a dozen times or more and I get no response is just poor poor customer service. I really don't think Specialized cares too much about their ebike line and are just goin through the motions of just trying to make a little extra money. I should have got my money back this last time and now my dealer says since this is my 3rd S, they can't take it back again. My next ebike will be a Stromer for sure.
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Take your bike to the Specialized rep in your area and have them run a diagnostic on your system and have them send it in to Specialized. I did this recently and after seeing the data, they sent me a new rear wheel.

I will say the new wheel actually regenerates the battery better than the old one but the assist level is way lower than the old wheel. I don't know if that goes hand in hand but I will be trying to change a few parameters in the coming week to see if I can get a bit more kick from the bike.
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Thanks for the information. I'll try and get my dealer to run the diagnostics on the bike. When the regen works, it works fine...just not all the time. It's currently maybe 3 tries out of ten.