Regulations of E-Bikes in North America


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It is this definition that Specialized apparently used to justify the sale of a 28 mph bike in the US (added bold):

Consumer Product Safety Act by updating 15 U.S.C. Chapter 47 Section 2085
(b) Definition
For the purpose of this section, the term "low-speed electric bicycle" means a two- or three-wheeled vehicle with fully operable pedals and an electric motor of less than 750 watts (1 h.p.), whose maximum speed on a paved level surface, when powered solely by such a motor while ridden by an operator who weighs 170 pounds, is less than 20 mph.

I understand from the linked document that when it comes to use different states can still have their own opinions what an ebike is and where it is allowed. Like in national parks ebikes would be considered motor vehicle and thus not allowed to enter paths or trails. They can also decide whether the bike requires licensing, if you need a helmet, etc. I guess that is pretty similar to the EU where member states decide on these things, like the Dutch initiative on the MC helmet w s-peds. Table 4 on page 19 is an interesting list of varying legislative definitions. Mississippi is the place to own an ebike, no limits! States which require a motorcycle helmet: Alabama, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nebraska, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.
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