Reinforcing the rear rack for carrying weight

Rick Huizinga

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I've had issues carrying weight on the rear rack where it would suddenly drop after hitting a bump, causing the fender to rub against the tire.

In the following picture, the rack support rod will slide down by the mounting screw near the rear axle:

I'm trying to find some clever way to fill the void in this opening to prevent the rack from sliding down when carrying weight.


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It wouldn't cost much to have the slot welded close and just leave a hole for the bolt.

Cheaper would be another nut and bolt next to the existing bolt/screw to occupy the space so it couldn't slide down.
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On my st1 w/ same kit they used a longer screw and put a washer and nut on the backside I believe
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Use an internal star lock washer and torque the machine screw to 5 Nm. The washer will bite into the screw head and rack support and not allow the rack to move. If the part were really stubborn you could add a second star between the part and the frame.

Just be sure to get some extra as all lock washers are only meant to be used once, once flexed or flattened they will not lock properly a second time.