Remove headlight from Pace 500 next Gen


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I like to have a headlight on while driving during the day. That allows a group of riders in the distance heading my way to group into a single file. Unfortunately when I turn on the headlight, the color display dims. The color display is already somewhat difficult to see with polarized sunglasses. When it dims I can barely see the color display. In addition, I have my handlebars lifted to their highest position. That limits the position of the color monitor. I would like to remove the headlight and just use a standard rechargeable add-on headlight. I would rather remove the headlight with all its wiring rather than just cut the wire. I do have experience with removing the head light from a Level.2 and that was not too difficult. On my Pace 500 next gen I took the battery out to follow the wire in the frame but apparently the wire is enclosed in the bottom of the frame. So I have a couple of questions. First, is the controller in the top of the frame or the bottom? Second, if the controller is on the bottom of the frame, how do you access the wires?