Removing a Bosch Centerdrive for Maintenance


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Hey guys, I recently participated in the Bosch electric bike certification course for dealers and was allowed to shoot some video of their second generation motor system being opened up for maintenance. I thought you might enjoy seeing the inside!

In this video a certified Bosch technician removes the second generation mid-drive motor from a Haibike Xduro RX electric bike. To complete this service you will need a lock ring tool (with a half inch drive and adapter) as well as a chain whip and T15 torx driver. The Bosch system can use three cog sizes including 20 tooth for small wheel and 18 or 15 tooth for a mountain bike wheel. The cogs are build by each manufacturer and the Haibike cog has a chain guide built in. The exterior plastic casing of the motor is mainly cosmetic but it does serve as a skid plate as well. This service would be done to install a light kit, deal with a speed sensor issue or replace the entire Centerdrive. From front to back on the left side of the motor are the HMI (Human Machine Interface) Cable, Headlight and Rear light Cable, Speed Sensor Cable and Power Cable. The motor itself weighs ~5.5 lbs. The Bosch Powerpack 400 weighs ~8.8 pounds. Bolts inside are torqued down at ~30 Nm. The new Bosch CX motor weighs 200 grams less and will not require a plastic cover so it will appear smaller visually and allow more clearance for suspension travel.

bosch-service-technician.jpg opening-up-bosch-centerdrive-motor.jpg servicing-bosch-mid-drive-ebike-motor.jpg
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Nice Job Court. Think you mean CX motor will be 200 grams, or .44 lbs lighter.

Really hope this Bosch drive is reliable because it looks very expensive to fix! And can't really be repaired by the owner.

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Funny I was told it is a Torx T20 (guess the Bosch guy would know). The locking ring tool can also be flat (3rd party), that looks like the pro model. I just bought that same bike stand last night, clamps to the Haibike frame nicely (just before the return of the flat in the top tube), puts it higher without telescoping the stand so much. Thanks Court, I promise to only use this information for good. ;) -S
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BTW - my speed kit came with a Torx T20 and it is the correct size. Now I'm wondering if the compression washer should be replaced when pulling the crank. The crank runs so close to the plastic case, AKA dust cover. -S


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Are you talking about the motor and outer bearing, or just the plastic case?

If it is the motor, then there is a main bearing seal. It is only added protection though, not a cure.



Are the supplemental bearing seals effective?

I've found the Performance Line motors last about 7000 miles, but I think it's water making it past the seals that limits the lifespan. Anybody seeing more mileage than this from these motors?