Rented eBikes now we are hooked!


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My wife and I recently went to Martha's Vineyard and rented eBikes. I wanted Mopeds but my wife was a little afraid of the power. Best decision we ever made, we had a blast traveling the island on their bike trails and climbing hills as if they were not there. The bike shop had Pedego Bikes which were obviously well used, in fact I had to do a road adjustment on my wife's bike as the seat kept collapsing on her. My bike was just plain worn - bald tires, handlebar grips were shot and it rattled from everywhere! Non the less we had a great time!

When I got home we did some searching, asking and came up with a budget for two bikes. The Sondors line seems to fit our needs and budget well, I know it's not a high end nor is it a low end bike. She will be getting the Step and I opted for the MXS. So now we wait fro some boats from China to come at the end of September or more likely some time in October.

This forum seems to be great and full of experienced and knowledgeable riders. We look forward to picking your brains and riding like we did when we were kids!


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Welcome to the site and the hobby.
I love how silent e-bikes are; not as quiet as pedal powered but decades of decibels less than a moped. when I ride by a rabbit in the country, they don't immediately run away. They just sit there and chew. I've made friends with a couple of small horses out in the country, who whinny & run to the fence when they spot me on the road. They of course like me for the Ritz crackers, not my winning personality. The owner says they are stallions! Palomino colored.


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Welcome NighRider, yes You did come to the right place. People here are friendly and knowledgeable. Happy to hear of your experience with ebikes. Send some photos of your bikes and adventures. You will find that the more you ride, the more addictive it becomes. Good luck. Al from Massachusetts.