Replace the bottom bracket system for a more efficient one


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Hello guys,

I own a Turbo Base (FLR) 2016.

I've been recently experiencing a strange noise that I am pretty sure is coming from the Bottom-Bracket (pedalier/velvlager) of the bike. The bike has already 2300km (1430miles).

It's funny because I've been thinking in changing the pedals and crankset altogether for a while (the current ones I don't like it so much), and I think this might be the perfect opportunity to replace it all.

I removed the BB trying to fix the problem by cleaning and lubricating, but no luck, the (klak, klak, klak sound persist). This is what I found inside:


So, the specs are kinda weird, but apparently are a standard 68 x 116 mm Square Taper Bottom Bracket. I would like to change it for a more efficient system. This is how it would look like if it wasn't so filthy:

I am aware that If I change for a newer system I will also have to buy a crankset that is for that new system too (or may be not).

Does anyone have experience in changing the BB? Anybody that had to replace the BB already?
Any type that you could recommend? I know there are multiple adapters to convert the BB to more efficient systems (like BB30 or PF30) something like this may be.


I had to remove and clean it out before and it is not a hard job but you need the right tools.

You'll need the BB removal tool and a crank arm extractor tool as well. I also recommend a bike stand if you don't have one. Other than those specifics, a pretty straight forward job. Apply liberal amounts of grease when putting it all back in after cleaning it.

I had about 1500 miles when a weird squeak started which then started to sound like a squad of ducks while pedaling up hill. Did the above procedure and all was good, till the next 1500 or so...which had me do the same again.

I would not convert to BB30 as those BB can be just as problematic if not worse.

You can get a Shimano replacement which should be much better than whatever the stock one won't have to change crankset either.


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You have square taper on your Turbo? Not on mine....
Which BB system do you have in your bike? Is it at least the size 68 x 116 mm (BC1 37" x 24T) ? (I am actually not sure if mine is 116 or 118, I took a picture and the last number is a little bit blurry, then I mounted it back, so now I am not sure).


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"I've been recently experiencing a strange noise that I am pretty sure is coming from the Bottom-Bracket (pedalier/velvlager) of the bike." False alarm. Was not the BB. It came from the seat post shock absorber I got last year (I did on it 500 km or 350 miles). The Cane Creek Thudbuster LT. It seems that the bolts at the bottom became loose and started to make a tremendously horrible klank, klank, klank noise that became unbeareable. I will email them and ask for a replacement (I don't think I could do any adjustment).
On the bright side I cleaned and greased my BB so I don't have to make the maintenance for a while =). But I am still considering buying a better BB in the future.