Replaced CCX brake pads after 6 months


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Don't run them this low because it messes with the rotor and as shown below throws off the piston alignment which means one side pushes the rotor against the insides of the caliper wearing away bit of the body. These are a bit of a pain to replace as wheel removal is necessary though protip it's easier to just remove the caliper. The rear brake was so bad I thought I needed to bleed them but after putting in new pads they work like new. I replaced them with Tektro P20.11 from Ebay but they are a Shimano standard size so you can use other brands. I estimate these pads had over 3400 miles on them and probably should've replaced 500 miles earlier.

20190619_005858 (Large).jpg
20190619_005320_LI (Large).jpg

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It's far easier to replace the front pads than the rear ones so I try to use my front brake more. I am replacing the front pads roughly every 2,000 km's and the rear ones roughly every 4,000 km's. I can't believe you got 3,400 miles on your pads. You must live somewhere that is pretty flat.


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Yea it's pretty flat in the midwest. 3400 miles is only because I procrastinated and rode them to the bare metal. They should've been replaced at 3000. You should naturally use the front brake more anyway since more stopping power. And as mention I think the easiest way to to replace the pads is to just remove the calipers rather then taking off the wheel.


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I’m glad my CCX has excellent brakes and that brake pads are inexpensive and readily available. I sure use my brakes far more than my “regular” bike.

I haven’t yet developed the knack of knowing when to quit pedaling to drift up to a stop sign and lightly use the brakes. Seems I’m always cooking along at 20+ miles an hour and realize I need to slow down a little too late! I need to readjust my mind for the new speeds I’m traveling.