Replacement Charger for 2018 Quick-E+?


I'm looking for a second charger for my Quick-E to keep at work. I know that I can get one through my LBS ( ~$200, i think ) but I'm wondering if there are any other ones out there that might be worth looking into. I know there are a ton on amazon and other sites but I'm afraid that I will get what I pay for with some of those. Anyone have experience with any non OEM chargers? Thanks!
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following - interested as well -

other than the potentially suspect quality of dirt cheap chargers from Alibaba, etc. … the biggest issue might be the connector which is not the standard coaxial LV connector a lot of batteries use

bob mutch

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I am looking for a charger for my giant energypak 500 pack. the OEM chargers are $200, does any one know other chargers that work. contact me at

thanks bob.


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I also am considering the Lunacycle Advanced Charger for a second charger to pair with the OEM (~4 amp) charger (one for home, one for the office); and seems like it might be better for the battery longevity. According to my LBS, the 2020's are going to ship with the Giant Smart Charger at a lower current, so maybe they think so, too. Guy at my LBS thinks this is a Bad Thing (because charging takes longer), but for my purpose it would mainly be charging overnight at home, anyway, so 1-2 amps is probably enough and presumably better for the battery (not sure, Luna seems to think so). Meanwhile I'll just charge at home every couple of commutes and manually try to catch it when it gets into the in 80-100% range (last LED).


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I have the Giant Road E+. I’m also looking for a spare charger for the office. Can anyone confirm that the Lunacycle charger referenced in this thread works?