Replacement R&M Bosch power socket rubber cap?


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Hi Bosch-folks, there's a thread over on the Riese & Müller Forum concerning the very average quality of the R&M branded cap for the onboard charging port on R&M Superdelite. My bike is about eight months old, with approximately 1200km of gentle use, and my protective cap is already failing. To my eye, it looks like a design issue.

Is there an OEM (i.e. Bosch) protective cap that is maybe a little more robust than the brittle cap supplied by Reise & Muller? Part number?


Charge port - wide shot copy.jpg
Charge port - closeup copy.jpg

William - Bosch Team

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Unfortunately, the R&M cap appears to have proprietary dimensions (see image of Bosch cap below). I do not think it will fit, so your best bet may be a proactive dealer getting warranty replacement caps from R&M.