Replacement Vado SL seatpost


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Hello I have a new Vado SL 5 which has the rear light attached to the seat. The cable runs through the seatpost. I want to replace it with a suspension post but my preferred Suntour option will not allow the cable through the tube. Can anyone recommend a suspension seatpost that will allow me to pass the cable through the tube. Thank you

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Many threads exist here is one

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my Trek ebike has the same situation. There’s no fender to run the back light wire so Trek mounted the light on the seat with the wire running through the seat post. I use Kinect seat posts on both ebikes. The Kinect people were able to drill a hole in the new seat post for the wire and said they do that quite frequently. Yes, there was a small charge ($25?) but I just paid it rather ask hubby to do it or attempt that task myself. Other members can comment on other brands like Thudbuster, Suntour, etc.


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I run a Kinket on mine. I simply disconnected the brake light wire for the time being and wrapped it. I'll drill a hole in the Kinekt post at some point down the road.