Replacing a BionX


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My partner and I had a BionX kit bike for three years. We live 30 km from the nearest town, with 25 of that gravel. There are 440 vertical metres each way. Yes, it's uphill both ways. We are both reasonably fit. The bike made commuting a realistic option, particularly if we put it on the roof of our electric car for one way. We are both self employed and need to be independent. Now the battery seems to have died, BionX is out of business and the shop where we bought the bike are shrugging their shoulders. After all this, permit me to ask advice about a replacement. We are 180 and 186 cm tall respectively with the same inseam. The bike needs to have fenders and a rack. Lights would be good. I liked the hub motor and the regenerative braking of the BionX, but am not committed to anything. The range was just sufficient if I rode reasonably fast. A bit of suspension is really nice on the gravel. And I'm after something utilitarian. It does not have to be pretty or fancy, but sturdy. It should last more than three years. It would be nice if it wasn't too heavy so it can go on the roof rack. I may have to order on line as the local shop has a limited selection. The number of bikes that's being discussed and reviewed here intimidates me. My thanks in advance to anyone who shares their experience and advice.


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Since you're using kms and centi-meters, I assume you're in Canada.

If you liked the hub motor with regen braking, I'd recommend you getting a HillEater Galiano GMAC.

I'd hurry up though, because I think they announced that only first few bikes will be powered by GMAC and will be downgraded to eZee motor after that.

The standard battery is 52V 15Ah, but I suspect they have high capacity option because if you compare the blue and yellow bikes, one has Reention Dorado and the other one has higher capacity Reention Dorado MAX casing.
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

HillEater is located on SaltSpring Island, British Columbia.
Some members here have dealt with them.
I think @Captain Slow mentioned about HillEater before and I believe his feedback was positive.

The GMAC Motor is great.
Grin Technologies is very well known for their products, such as GMAC motor, Satiator charger, Cycle Analyst display, PhaseRunner controller, etc.
They're located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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Well it's been quite the saga! We found (our shop had no idea) and ordered a new battery. Plugged it in, and it still did not charge. So we bought a new charger as well and now have a working e-bike and two batteries. It cost a lot less than a new e-bike, and I don't like throwing things that work away. It would be nice if there were a simple way to check the charger. Thanks to everyone who helped with this.