Replacing brake & shifter housings on AMP Alpenchallenge


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I've recently purchased a 2021 BMC AMP Alpenchallenge City One. Due to old age, I've replaced the stem & bars to allow a more upright riding position. However, this has also eliminated what little slack there was in the rear brake & shifter cable. I would like to install longer housings. The shop where I purchased it seems not too keen on the idea, and one other shop said they'd expect to have to drop the motor. It looks like it would be PITA to do, so I'm willing to pay to have it done right the first time. I can think of a couple of simple procedures involving using a tag line to pull the parts into place, nothing exotic. Am I missing something? Do they know something about what's inside the frame that is a fatal flaw? I assume the shifter cable housing is full length. Does anyone have direct experience with this process?

Looking forward to hearing user experiences on this question.