Replacing display with smartphone/watch


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I've tried the E-Tube app, and haven't had any problems with it, but rarely use it because I've got the SC-E6100 display on my OHM Cruise. Why bother with a smartphone app?

Until I watched this video...

It appears I can ditch the e-bike's display entirely, and use either the smartphone, or if I don't care about actually seeing the display, just use a Garmin watch. I was already shopping for a Garmin watch, so before I make the call, I'm wondering if anyone else has tried the EW-EN100...

Or, for other motor brands, has anyone completely ditched their display using whatever ANT+/BT LE option is available to them?

I'm mainly considering it because I'd love to clean up the cockpit, and not have to worry about removing the display when I run into a store and the such.


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I ride with my iPhone on a quad lock mount, over the stem. Use the bike’s native app to display speed, cadence, motor power, rider power, etc. rideWithGPS for navigation and elevation planning (great to know whether the hill you‘re on is going to keep going forever or not!) and to take a peek at heart rate. Also great for emergency purposes. I don’t see the purpose of a dedicated cycling computer, and the bike’s app gives me all the info I need about the bike, no need for a dedicated bike display.

The only reason I might prefer a dedicated device would be if it was way lighter, but I’d bring my phone anyway lol.


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I like a display but I had this Garmin watch and it worked well. though I got it for 219.
if I did not have a apple watch I would have kept it it works better for exercise then the apple watch does.
Garmin seems to be the way to go. I don't really care for the smartphone features (calls, music, SMS etc), and FitBit just doesn't seem to have all the health features of Garmin's offerings. I just didn't realize how MANY watches they made, until I started looking into them!

Leaning towards the new Venu 2, for the higher res touch screen and some of the newer health features, though the Forerunner is about 60% the price...

The bike display was the tipping scale for me, though I was also impressed how my friend's Garmin connects to his Varia rear radar, which might be an added bit of safety to complement the ol' rear view mirror.