Replacing hydraulic brake line Moscow Plus - what to get?


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Recently purchased a NCM Moscow plus and it has been great. However due to my carpel tunnel issues I decided to install a new stem with adjustable riser to get some weight off my hands/wrists.

I've done this and while it has improved things I'd like to rotate the bars a litte higher which also moves them also a little closer. Unfortunately I've now run out of front brake line length and want to source a new one so that I can rotate the bars to my liking.

I know I can swap front and bake brake positions but want to keep things in the same configuration which leads me to the primary question - What hydraulic pipe/line and what type of compression fittings and 'T' pieces are a direct or compatible fit for this bike?

The brakes fitted are - Tektro, HD-E350 Hydraulic brake levers. No Banjo fittings at the calipers.

Is this the one I need? Any other third party available that you can point me to? Seems to be so many different sizes, fitting types and diameter of pipes out there I'm hesitant to take the plunge!

I appreciate any help the experts out there can offer to me. :)
Cheers and thanks.