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My folding Ejoe Epik SE (2015 version) motor is getting a little louder as the miles add up (4K so not what I would think would affect it already?). Whine is enough to cause people to turn to see me pass them by! It's my commuting bike so I may purchase a second full size one for more comfortable recreational rides or just replace this, not yet decided. And so arises this question, can you replace a motor with a different brand, as long as it fits the spec, this being a rear hub geared motor (not sure of the 2015 brand as Ejoe went with Bafang with a later version?)

May be an option to replace motor than the bike, if it can be done ~ $800 or so, if this is the problem. Short term measure I realize.

other reasons for a louder motor, other than wear and tear?
Any 350-500 w rear hub geared motor work? Or does the manufacturer matter?
Would I need to upgrade battery if upgrading to 500w.

I would have a capable LBS do this for me.
Looking for any experts to tell me why this is not a good idea, technically.


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Geared rear hubs often get noisy when the grease has dried up and/or slung off the gears allowing them to run dry. It may be in your best interest to get the motor you have serviced before considering a new one.

I'm shy about LBS, mostly because I do all of my own work. An LBS could really rake you over the coals on something like this. So let me just say this, I bought one of the most powerful gear driven rear hubs available on the aftermarket, pre-laced to a 26" rim, for about 500. (btw, it runs nearly silent). It took me an afternoon to install. I am not a professional, but would consider myself a skilled DIY'er. Pushing 70 too, so I work at an old man's pace. I would be scared to ask what a LBS might charge for a job like this, and that's assuming you can even find one that's interested in doing the job. -Al


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My $221 generic geared hub motor, the side without the wires comes off with six screws. Under there is the gears. You can put more grease on them. I did. I used #2 lithium grease for car wheel bearings.
My hub motor was thumping, originally I thought the bearing was going bad. It was only the cover screws coming loose. Blue loktite helps, but doesn't stop the screws from coming loose. I carry a phillips screwdriver since I ride 37 miles from the LBS (which doesn't work on electric bikes). I've got about 4000 miles on it.
As far a other motors, the hall effect connector would have to match. The blue yellow green phase wires can usually be easily spliced. Easier just to buy a new power wheel, with motor, controller, throttle, brake switches, pas pickup, all matching. About $300 these days. Then you just splice the battery wires with crimp terminals. the hard part is getting the crank arm off to replace the PAS pickup. I have 6 automotive/industrial pullers & a wedge shaped ball joint fork & I've never got a bike crank off, except the one piece ones from the 70's to 90's huffy's & schwinn's.